1.      6/18/2024             Attention InCORS network users.

All stations have been upgraded. See station upgrade section below for instructions to connect to the single base products using all 4 constellations. A network solution will be coming soon and will be announced on this webpage.

2.      5/02/2024             Attention InCORS network users.

INBU - Bluffton station located at 2800 W SR 124, Bluffton, IN has been processed and added to the network. Please see the new documents reflecting the new station name (INBU) and coordinates located on this website.

3.      3/27/2024             Attention InCORS network users.

INBF - Bluffton station located at 2800 W SR 124, Bluffton, IN has been decommissioned due to building construction. We are in the
process of building a new station (INBU) on site and hope to have it in the network by the end of April 2024. At that time, we will
notify users and publish documents reflecting the new station name and coordinates. We apologize for the inconvenience.

4.      12/7/2022             Attention InCORS network users.

In an effort to optimize our end user experience in some areas of our network, on the evening of Wednesday, December 7th, 2022, we
will be performing an adjustment on the shared Noble County (INNC) station that is included in our network. Together with this effort
we will be bundling some antenna calibrations on our shared stations in Ohio and Kentucky. With these changes, users may experience
some minimal coordinate differences within existing projects you may have in the vicinity of these stations. Please see our Station
Location Map above to see where these stations are located. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience in
optimizing our network.

5.      8/2/2022             Attention InCORS network users.

In order to continue our testing efforts of our newest port 9000 and its associated products, we will be shutting off access to the old
port 10000. Beginning on Monday August 29th, 2022 users will no longer have access to this port. Please be aware
that, we ask all users to switch to port 9000 for any future connections to our network.

6.      7/14/2022             Attention InCORS network users.

As you may already be aware, many of our network RTK users have been experiencing somewhat random disconnects with our
broadcast corrections offered on port 10000. We have been diligently working with our vendor and the state IT office to determine
the cause and find a resolution.

As a stopgap for this ongoing issue, we have created a new port 9000 and copied the same products to it with successful testing results.
At this time, we ask all users to switch to port 9000 for any future connections to our network. After an initial trial period on this
new port, a phase out may be necessary for port 10000 on a future date.

The new connection information is as follows:
     Users should continue to connect via NTRIP using IP address
     Port: 9000 which includes: RTCM 2.3, 3.1, MAX, iMAX, NEAR, CMR and CMR+

We continue to recommend RTCM 3.1 MAX, if possible, for optimum results. Usernames and passwords are not affected as part of this change.

Please see our newest Broadcast Corrections Document for a list of all our products: Updated Broadcast Corrections to Port 9000(pdf)