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Available Data RINEX for Download

RINEX data in the form of navigation, observation and glonass files are available for each of our sites. The data may be browsed via our FTP site found at:
Files are available for two months from today's date and are free for download.
Files are organized on our FTP site in the following folder structure:

			--RINEX or MDB(Leica Format)
			---year (4 digit year)
			----day of year (1-366)
			-----site name (4 letter abreviation)
			------zip file in the file name format of 'site''gps week''gps hour letter'.zip

Folder Browsing

Rinex Hourly Files
Hourly Rinex Data Folders Contain two files which are described here.

Data and Website Disclaimer

Station Coordinates and RTCM ID Numbers (NAD83(2011))

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